The Black Keys — Lonely Boy — Best Video Ever

In the privacy of my abode, I often do a happy dance in front of the mirror to my favorite music. This is quite the site, and if you’re lucky enough to spy, I think you’ll find I look very much like the gentleman in The Back Keys new video, “Lonely Boy.” The man in question is Derrick T. Tuggle, a 48 year old actor, musician, and part-time security guard. Tuggle said his performance was just a “spur-of-the-moment thing,” stemming from what was originally supposed to be a minor appearance as an extra in the video. Apparently, he was so impressive he became the star. Tuggle said he took his moves from everywhere, including, “John Travolta from ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Pulp Fiction,’ the Carlton Banks dance from ‘The Fresh Prince’ and a little bit of Michael Jackson.” He nailed it in one take.

Britney Spears Debuts New ‘Criminal’ Video — It’s Hot!

Every girl loves the bad boy, so it only makes sense that I love Britney Spears’ new video, ‘Criminal.’ She chose Jason Trawick as her love interest, presumably because the heavy sex scenes are more comfortable with someone she’s already had sex with. They clearly have chemistry. Watch below.

Beyonce’s ‘1 + 1’ Video — Sexy or Ridiculous?

You know what I do to feel sexy? I lather myself up with an entire bottle of oil, sprinkle some glitter all over my body, and then I run the shower with my glossy mouth open and say, “make love to me,” even when I’m alone. Doesn’t everyone do that? Apparently, I’m not alone — Beyonce does it too! Who would have thought she’d have it in her to top that pants-less ‘Single Ladies’ video. Her new video, ‘1 + 1’, is so ridiculously over-the-top, I found myself laughing very hard. She must be a genius though — because I couldn’t tear myself away. Did I mention there’s a ridiculous high note at the end of each sentence? You’ll have to see this to believe it. Be sure to get your oil ready — this is contagious.