Is Taylor Swift Angry Over Kanye’s Naked Photo of Her?

kanye west

I’ve always maintained that nudity and sex are the least creative choices to promote one’s art, and yet every celebrity over uses the vehicle. Kanye West proved me wrong when he debuted his new ‘Famous’ music video, which features naked celebrities laying in bed together. It’s original, creative, and . . . weird. Why this group, and how did he achieve the optical illusion? Many have remained silent, except George W. Bush, whose team insists he’s in much better shape than his depiction, which is likely true considering the former President’s penchant for a long, morning run. Some have also rightfully acknowledged that the women’s privates are exposed while the men’s are not. Taylor Swift is also predictably angry, because she’s humorless. You have to hand it to Kanye, he might be nuts, but sometimes it works in his favor.

Florence and the Machine Releases “St. Jude” Video: WATCH NOW

Though not as catchy as her more memorable tunes, Florence and the Machine made a formidable attempt with “St. Jude,” the new single off her album set for release June 2. Watch the cinematic, somewhat depressing video below.

Childish Gambino’s “Sober” — WATCH NOW

Nothing like a steamy slow-jam with bizarre dance moves to woo a woman. If she would just “free her mind” and let it shine,” she’d realize that the strange, “so high” man is worth the chance. Only the imaginative, multi-talented Donald McKinley Glover, Jr, could produce the creative excellence that is Childish Gambino. Enjoy “Sober” below.

Gwen Stefani Releases “Spark the Fire” Video: WATCH NOW

Everyone knows that the sole purpose of ‘The Voice’ is to give the judges a chance to peddle their projects in front of a large population of people. And one of those judges now includes Gwen Stefani, who performed her new track live on the show. Her latest song, “Spark the Fire,” is an up-tempo tune, which was predictably co-penned and produced by hit maker Pharrell Williams. The eye-catching, animated video is a must see. Watch below to see Stefani at the top of her solo game.

Cher Releases ‘Woman’s World’ — WATCH lyric video now.

When I first saw this song, it confused me. First, didn’t Cher retire 115 years ago? Second, WTF?! Not only is she back, she’s back with a vengeance. The catchy tune will be an instant sensation. I’m not certain it’s a ‘Woman’s World,’ but it’s definitely Cher’s world. Watch her lyric video below.

Miley Cyrus Debuts We Can’t Stop Video — I Can’t Stop Watching It

If Pink and Dracula had a baby, it would probably produce the new Miley Cyrus. That being said, it pains me to admit I like her new video. I find her style to be a bit inauthentic, given that it reeks of a desperate attempt to debut a new image, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume her edge is god-given. I’m not a fan of her doggy-style simulations on the bed — but you can’t have everything I suppose. WATCH BELOW.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Video With Casper Smart — HOT!

Jennifer Lopez definitely learned from her relationship errors. Every girl starts off life wanting the smart, successful guy that challenges her, and then she quickly realizes that the nice, hot guy makes life is much easier to live. And Casper Smart sure is nice and hot. Plus, did she drink some kind of youth serum? She looks damn beautiful. Perhaps it’s the young boyfriend.

Avril Lavigne’s Video: ‘Goodbye’ Boy — Hello Lingerie!

Nothing says “I’m sad about my ex” like prancing around your apartment in lingerie. Avril Lavigne’s emotional video for her new song, “Goodbye,” is all about leaving a boy behind. There’s just one problem — where’s the boy? It seems like some awfully narcissistic lamenting. I do like the song, though. Watch below.

“Heartbeat” Video from El Elle — Excellent!

I don’t know how I feel about El Elle’s song “Heartbeat,” but I certainly know how I feel about the video. It’s brilliant. And moderately disturbing. But you know how the old saying goes, “when in doubt — just use fluorescent, pulsating asses.” Watch in awe below.

Heartbeat (EL ELLE 2011) from el elle on Vimeo.

Mutemath’s Video “Blood Pressure” — AMAZING!

I’ve heard that music videos ruined music, but I think that’s just something old people say. In fact, there’s a strong argument that they’ve strengthened it. And to prove my point, I’m posting Mutemath’s video, “Blood Pressure,” from their 2011 album, Old Soul. The band formed in New Orleans in 2003, and the members include: Paul Meany (lead vocals and keyboard), Darren King (drums), Todd Gummerman (guitar), and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass). Enjoy the greatness!