Florence + The Machine Slays at The Hollywood Bowl

Florence Welch performing at the Hollywood Bowl with Florence + The Machine
Photo by Lillie Eiger


I’ve been to a lot of shows at the Hollywood Bowl and it’s not my favorite venue (I prefer The Greek). But if you ask non-concertgoers in Los Angeles, they will overwhelmingly endorse the Bowl. It’s legendary. Plus, it certainly helps that the Bougie wine-and-cheese crowd can pay a little extra to sit inside a glorified box. It was not until seeing Florence + The Machine that I finally realized the true value of that venue. At approximately 9:15 p.m., Florence Welch entered the stage in unison with her very talented musicians, and it was as if the heavens opened up and released a gift from G-d amidst the stars and the mountains. The aesthetics of a show are often overlooked, and she optimized every inch of available space. Her staging was impeccable, with perfect lighting and a background that made the large area feel incredibly intimate.

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Florence Welch Debuts “Delilah” Video: A Different Kind of Danger

If Florence Welch was attempting to document her devastating nervous breakdown of recent note for her new “Delilah” video, she succeeded, Far removed from any fancy effects and chic outfits, Florence finds herself somewhat possessed in a hotel room, looking . . . weathered. It’s the latest video off Florence + The Machine’s ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ record, and true to form — it’s catchy and captivating. Since her lyrics are less than literal, it’s hard to tell if this is a boy-crazed insanity, or she simply lost her marbles momentarily, but she’s “holding on for [someone’s] call”, whoever that might be and she’s “strung out for [his] love. WATCH below.

Florence + The Machine Performs “Ship to Wreck” — WATCH NOW

  Judging by Florence Welch’s I-Kick-The-Shit-Out-of-All-My-Peers performance on Jimmy Fallon, she is not in fact “losing touch,” and is instead setting a precedent for all of today’s performers. Her album, ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ is available for purchase now, and she does not disappoint. Florence + The Machine took the right amount of time between records, and her rejuvenated spirit shows. Watch below to see “Ship to Wreck.”

Florence and the Machine Releases “St. Jude” Video: WATCH NOW

Though not as catchy as her more memorable tunes, Florence and the Machine made a formidable attempt with “St. Jude,” the new single off her album set for release June 2. Watch the cinematic, somewhat depressing video below.

Florence + The Machine Releases “What Kind of Man” Video

Florence Welch has become unusually epic since her debut album, and her new song is no exception. Her tunes are increasingly more inspirational than catchy, and her videos are more artistic than visually appealing. The new album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, is her first since 2011’s Ceremonials and it’s due June 2 via Republic. Watch the video for ‘What Kind of Man’ below.

Calvin Harris Joins Florence Welch for “Sweet Nothing”

Anything involving the music mastermind that is Florence Welch, is worthy of posting. She teamed up with EDM star Calvin Harris, for “Sweet Nothing,” where she wears an androgynous getup and plays an abused woman. Harris’ new album debuts in the U.K. on October 29th. Watch the powerful and moving video below.

Florence + The Machine on The Voice — EXCELLENT!

Does Florence Welch ever have an off night? After watching her sing “No Light, No Light” on The Voice, it’s clear that the answer is no. She’s epic. Watch the Florence + The Machine greatness below. As an aside, do you think the contestants cried for their non-careers after watching her perform?

Florence + The Machine Release “Never Let Me Go” Music Video — Incredible!

Florence Welch doesn’t really need to do much to highlight her music. It stands entirely on it’s own. That being said, I love the new video. It captures the epic quality of the song. If you like it, buy her Ceremonials album. It’s worth it. Watch below.