Louis C.K. Calls Out Jimmy Fallon’s Dumb Question

I’ve long accused Jimmy Fallon of being an inauthentic interviewer/kiss-ass, and apparently — I’m in good company. Louis C.K. appeared on his show to promote his new Netflix special, and he called out Fallon for saying something “dumb” during the interview. While riffing on his love for naps, Fallon asked Louis if he “Likes naps more than sleep.” Fallon clearly didn’t get that he was being laughed at, not with, and he would not relent on the exchange. Watch below.

Louis was once lauded for selling his stand-up specials directly to his fans for $5 each, with an estimated gain of $200,000 for the star. But even the everyman couldn’t resist the Netflix beast, and though his deal is not revealed, The Daily Beast reports that:

Chris Rock recently secured $40 million for two new specials with the company, Dave Chappelle got $60 million for three specials — two of which were already in the can — and Jerry Seinfeld reportedly took in $100 million total for a deal that includes two new specials as well as 24 new episodes of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The new Netflix model, while good for fans, can be tough for comedians. Their specials are taped too long before they air, which means the material can feel dated. Something tells me Netflix will figure this out, though. It’s an easy fix.

How Stephen Colbert Won the Ratings Race

I should start this piece by confessing that I’ve never really been a Colbert fan. His Comedy Central shtick never appealed much to me, and he looks a little like a boring tax professior. But looks can be deceiving, as can ratings, and Colbert has proved his prowess as the dark horse. According to Variety, Colbert is beating Fallon for the first time, and they attribute it to the political climate. Personally, I attribute it to authenticity.

There was a time when the rumor mill said that James Corden would replace Colbert, especially after his Carpool Karaoke bit became a viral sensation. Corden denied it, and Colbert expressed his sadness that the rumor existed at all, saying, “The implication of that question is that the show isn’t good enough in its present position. So of course that makes you feel bad. But it doesn’t jibe with what I know about our show, so you recover.”

While there’s certainly no doubt that Jimmy Fallon and James Corden are extremely diverse talents that can offer things Colbert cannot, those talents aren’t everything, and show ponies have a shelf life. Fallon’s bits are great, but they can grow tired, and in a heavy political climate, people want authentic interviews and a solid take — MIXED with humor. Fallon is more of a “fan-girl” in interviews, often falling over with inauthentic guffaws over unfunny comments. As for Colbert, his on-point pivots based on the response he receives to his questions, proves he’s ACTUALLY LISTENING. In fact, if you don’t believe me, watch his very impressive interview with Kendrick Lamar before leaving Comedy Central. He wants an answer to the question he’s asking, and he’s not just going to slap his desk over a bad joke so the audience thinks it’s funny. Good job, Colbert.

Mel Gibson Addresses His Drunken Rant With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s low-and-slow approach to Late Night television might work in his favor, as the Comedy Central staple has yet to top his competitors’ viral videos. Though he might not be ahead of the game, he’s certainly making ripples in the water worthy of discussion. In an interview with Mel Gibson, Colbert addressed the actor’s “rough patch,” which obviously refers to Gibson’s infamous, anti-Semitic rant. Colbert is clearly empathetic and interested, rather than asking a “gotcha” question to deliberately cause Gibson’s unease. Interviewing will likely be Colbert’s niche in this market, as both Jimmy Fallon and James Corden are nowhere close.
As a Jew, Gibson’s rant is especially interesting and important, and though it might be nice to shun hatred for eternity, perhaps it’s true that Gibson DOES NOT have hate in his heart, and his “worst moment” was the product of a deep dive into depression coupled with a drunken relapse. Aren’t we all worthy of forgiveness? It would be nice if Gibson was a tad more comfortable while talking about this, but he has always been notoriously private, so perhaps it’s just not his bag. Watch the interview below.

His new film, Hacksaw Ridge, opens November 4, 2016.


Watch Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon at Camp Winnipesaukee

Nothing pleases me more than watching Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon together. First, Timberlake always delivers, and I’d even go so far as to suggest he become a permanent fixture on The Tonight Show. Second, nearly every person on the planet says Timberlake is both professional and kind, and he often operates without the traditional entourage we so often see with bloated celebrities. Third, who would have thought he’d have the comedic timing to facilitate sketch comedy? And lastly, he might be the only boy-bander in history to move beyond his teeny-bopper status into a legitimate, rich career. Watch below to see the twosome sing “Ironic” at Camp Winnipesaukee.

Meghan Trainor Takes a Tumble on ‘The Tonight Show’

Meghan Trainor The Tonight Show

Meghan Trainor took a tumble on ‘The Tonight Show’ at the easiest moment of her complex choreography, making it even more hilarious. To top it off, Jimmy Fallon joyfully joined her on the floor, following by extending a hand and assuring her that “grabbing the mic” is the most complicated part of her choreography. It’s worth a watch, mostly to see Trainor handle the fall with a smile on her face and a good attitude. You’ve got to love the talented pop star for not only giving it her all, but for not looking like every other girl in the business. She’s one of a kind. Watch below.

Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Fallon — Holy Hotness!

There’s much to acknowledge about Sarah Silverman’s very funny appearance on Jimmy Fallon, but as an anti-feminist, I can’t help but ignore how unbelievably hot she looks. Apparently dating Michael Sheen will give you a fountain of youth, because Silverman has never looked so chic and happy. Remember the Jimmy Kimmel romance days of ball caps and jeans? Watch below for a very different take on your favorite funny girl.

Ariana Grande Does a Damn Good Christina Aguilera

Ariana Grande proved two things while performing impressions on Jimmy Fallon. First, the girl can sing. Second, Christina Aguilera is a ridiculous performer. For years I’ve said she sings as if she always has something to prove, moving away from the melody in favor of exhausting vocal acrobatics, to the deficit of the song. Yes, Aguilera is a talented singer, but she gets in her own way. Watch as Grande showed us all why pulling back might be a better option.

Florence + The Machine Performs “Ship to Wreck” — WATCH NOW

  Judging by Florence Welch’s I-Kick-The-Shit-Out-of-All-My-Peers performance on Jimmy Fallon, she is not in fact “losing touch,” and is instead setting a precedent for all of today’s performers. Her album, ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ is available for purchase now, and she does not disappoint. Florence + The Machine took the right amount of time between records, and her rejuvenated spirit shows. Watch below to see “Ship to Wreck.”

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Save by the Bell’ Reunion: WATCH NOW

With eight million views, endless news coverage, and a rabid fan base in need of nostalgia, it’s safe to say Jimmy Fallon scored big with his retro Saved by the Bell reunion. As for the absent attendees, it’s no secret that Lark Voorhies and Dustin Diamond have had some trouble over the years, but they were certainly missed. Mario Lopez might need to refresh his acting ability, but Mark Paul hit it out of the park . . . again. No comment on Mr. Belding. Enjoy below.

Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon: Epic Lip-Sync Battle

In a lip-sync battle that easily entered the Emma Stone dimension, Will Farrell, Kevin Hart, and Jimmy Fallon fought it out for the title. Farrell easily earned the win, and his hilarious antics still shock me. Who would guess from looks alone that the guy would booty-dance to Beyonce? Watch below.