Mel Gibson Addresses His Drunken Rant With Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s low-and-slow approach to Late Night television might work in his favor, as the Comedy Central staple has yet to top his competitors’ viral videos. Though he might not be ahead of the game, he’s certainly making ripples in the water worthy of discussion. In an interview with Mel Gibson, Colbert addressed the actor’s “rough patch,” which obviously refers to Gibson’s infamous, anti-Semitic rant. Colbert is clearly empathetic and interested, rather than asking a “gotcha” question to deliberately cause Gibson’s unease. Interviewing will likely be Colbert’s niche in this market, as both Jimmy Fallon and James Corden are nowhere close.
As a Jew, Gibson’s rant is especially interesting and important, and though it might be nice to shun hatred for eternity, perhaps it’s true that Gibson DOES NOT have hate in his heart, and his “worst moment” was the product of a deep dive into depression coupled with a drunken relapse. Aren’t we all worthy of forgiveness? It would be nice if Gibson was a tad more comfortable while talking about this, but he has always been notoriously private, so perhaps it’s just not his bag. Watch the interview below.

His new film, Hacksaw Ridge, opens November 4, 2016.