Louis C.K. Calls Out Jimmy Fallon’s Dumb Question

I’ve long accused Jimmy Fallon of being an inauthentic interviewer/kiss-ass, and apparently — I’m in good company. Louis C.K. appeared on his show to promote his new Netflix special, and he called out Fallon for saying something “dumb” during the interview. While riffing on his love for naps, Fallon asked Louis if he “Likes naps more than sleep.” Fallon clearly didn’t get that he was being laughed at, not with, and he would not relent on the exchange. Watch below.

Louis was once lauded for selling his stand-up specials directly to his fans for $5 each, with an estimated gain of $200,000 for the star. But even the everyman couldn’t resist the Netflix beast, and though his deal is not revealed, The Daily Beast reports that:

Chris Rock recently secured $40 million for two new specials with the company, Dave Chappelle got $60 million for three specials — two of which were already in the can — and Jerry Seinfeld reportedly took in $100 million total for a deal that includes two new specials as well as 24 new episodes of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The new Netflix model, while good for fans, can be tough for comedians. Their specials are taped too long before they air, which means the material can feel dated. Something tells me Netflix will figure this out, though. It’s an easy fix.

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