Meghan Trainor Takes a Tumble on ‘The Tonight Show’

Meghan Trainor The Tonight Show

Meghan Trainor took a tumble on ‘The Tonight Show’ at the easiest moment of her complex choreography, making it even more hilarious. To top it off, Jimmy Fallon joyfully joined her on the floor, following by extending a hand and assuring her that “grabbing the mic” is the most complicated part of her choreography. It’s worth a watch, mostly to see Trainor handle the fall with a smile on her face and a good attitude. You’ve got to love the talented pop star for not only giving it her all, but for not looking like every other girl in the business. She’s one of a kind. Watch below.

Jimmy Fallon Covers U2 in Place of Bono

When Bono bailed on Jimmy Fallon due to a bike accident, his team quickly turned things around with a set of last-minute sketches that proved his prowess as the top late night host. Fallon used Bono’s planned wardrobe and sang ‘Desire’ alongside The Roots. Though the entire week was set aside for Bono’s residency to promote U2’s new album, a curve ball won’t stop the man with many talents. Watch below to see Fallon kill it  while wearing the Irishman’s signature shades.

Diane Keaton Blunders Beer Pong — Watch Fallon Game Now

Did it ever occur to you that the entire premise of beer pong is flawed? After all, why must someone get their ball in your beer instead of simply telling you to drink? Diane Keaton revolutionized this go-to party game on The Tonight Show, where she hilariously refused to follow the rules. When Fallon explained that she couldn’t drink until he made a basket in her cup, she caught the ball and downed the drink. She then dumped the basket on his head because . . . well why not?! WATCH BELOW.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits The Tonight Show — GET TO THE CHOPPER!

As a Tonight Show staple, it only makes sense for Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Jimmy Fallon. The screen legend is also known for his sense of humor, so Fallon put him to the test with a hilarious SNL style skit, with Schwarzenegger hosting QVC while uttering his famous line from The Predator. Watch ‘GET TO THE CHOPPER’ below.

U2 Sings ‘Ordinary Love’ on Jimmy Fallon — LISTEN NOW

Sometimes the best performances are understated. As the first musical act to perform on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,’ U2 sang, ‘Ordinary Love,’ a beautiful song from the biography film, ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,’ which is up for Best Original Song at the 2014 Oscars. Watch the awe-inducing acoustic performance below.

Vintage Trouble Lands on Leno: “Strike Your Light”

Late Night shows have surprisingly upped the ante on their musical guests, with Leno leading the pack on his final week with The Tonight Show. Though he’s had Vintage Trouble on many times in the past, last night’s performance marks the first time I’ve taken notice. Watch them perform, “Strike Your Light” below.

Howard Stern Takes Over Jimmy Fallon — Offers Tonight Show Advice

Howard Stern appeared on Jimmy Fallon and, true to form, took over his show. He arrived with some sage advice, telling Fallon that he needs to amp up his “killer instinct” to compete with Kimmel and sack his beloved “game week,” which Stern called boring. In fact, I was astonished to discover the Fallon didn’t take Stern’s advice in the moment, and instead opted to keep in game week rather than prolonging his Stern interview for a third segment (something most late-night hosts do if the interview is going well). Here’s my advice to Fallon: If you going to secure the king of all media for your show, you should listen — and GAME WEEK SUCKS. Watch below.

Jay Leno Retires — Fallon Takes Over

It’s the end of an era. And that era has largely been defined as television’s greatest feud in history. It began as Dave v. Jay, then Jay v. Conan, and in round three, Jay finally stopped swinging and stepped down. NBC knew that if Letterman retired, CBS would poach Fallon, which would create too much competition for Jay who would presumably lose his audience around that time. The real tragedy here lies with Conan, who is likely self-loathing about not waiting long enough for the coveted spot. Had he stuck with it, the network would have gifted him the spot without the drama.