Jimmy Fallon Covers U2 in Place of Bono

When Bono bailed on Jimmy Fallon due to a bike accident, his team quickly turned things around with a set of last-minute sketches that proved his prowess as the top late night host. Fallon used Bono’s planned wardrobe and sang ‘Desire’ alongside The Roots. Though the entire week was set aside for Bono’s residency to promote U2’s new album, a curve ball won’t stop the man with many talents. Watch below to see Fallon kill it  while wearing the Irishman’s signature shades.

Jon Stewart Gives Bill O’Reilly the Smackdown — Discuss Rapper Common

On a recent Bill O’Reilly appearance, Jon Stewart further escalated my love for him by trouncing Bill O’Reilly in a debate about rapper Common. According to O’Reilly, Common should not have been invited to the White House because he supports a “cop killer.” O’Reilly is referring to Common’s support for Assata Shakur. Stewart rightly pointed out that Common is supporting Shakur because he thinks she’s innocent, and not because he generally supports killing cops. Stewart also added that Bono wrote a song about Leonard Peltier, and Bono was invited to the White House, as was Bob Dylan, who wrote a song about Hurricane Carter. Watch Bill O’Reilly attempt to “pettifog” his way out of Jon Stewart’s comparisons.

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Spiderman Tragedy Blamed on Human Error — No Sh*T Sherlock

The Actors Equity Association investigated the recent Spiderman injury and determined that it was due to an error on the stage crew’s part.  Is this supposed to make anyone feel better?  The outrage surrounding the highly dangerous show, is that it’s open to human error.  That’s the point.  It should be safe enough to where a crew member’s mistake won’t result in someone’s death.  Broadway previews are supposed to be about tweaking the small stuff — not figuring out how to keep your actors alive.  To quote the very elequent Rent star, Adam Pascal, “I hope whoever was hurt is ok and sues the shit out of Julie Taymor, Bono, Edge and every other asshole who invested in that steaming pile of actor crippling shit!”