Common & Maya Angelou Discuss the N-Word — So Does Chris Rock

When I saw the video of Common & Maya Angelou in a serious sit-down about using the N-Word, I found myself uncomfortable. That’s more about me than about them, considering I don’t deal well with emotional topics. So in an effort to address the same message with a sense of humor I’ve posted a vintage clip of Chris Rock discussing the same subject. Enjoy!

Jon Stewart Gives Bill O’Reilly the Smackdown — Discuss Rapper Common

On a recent Bill O’Reilly appearance, Jon Stewart further escalated my love for him by trouncing Bill O’Reilly in a debate about rapper Common. According to O’Reilly, Common should not have been invited to the White House because he supports a “cop killer.” O’Reilly is referring to Common’s support for Assata Shakur. Stewart rightly pointed out that Common is supporting Shakur because he thinks she’s innocent, and not because he generally supports killing cops. Stewart also added that Bono wrote a song about Leonard Peltier, and Bono was invited to the White House, as was Bob Dylan, who wrote a song about Hurricane Carter. Watch Bill O’Reilly attempt to “pettifog” his way out of Jon Stewart’s comparisons.

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