Adam Lambert Moves Cher to Tears at Kennedy Center Honors

CBS Photo Archive

Adam Lambert is one of the best voices of our generation, and the former American Idol finalist proved his vocal prowess once again with a stunning rendition of Cher’s “Believe” at The Kennedy Center honors, which left the legend in tears. Cher later took to twitter to express her adoration for Lambert’s performance, saying her “senses [were] overwhelmed.”

You can catch Lambert with Queen for their 2019 Rhapsody tour. Watch below.

Cher on Tom Cruise: “He’s a Top Five Lover”

Cher stopped by ‘Watch What Happens Live’ for Andy Cohen’s gay parade, and the elated host asked the icon to dish the dirt on her favorite lover of all time. She then disclosed the news heard round the world: Tom Cruise is in her top five. Watch below.

Cher Releases ‘Woman’s World’ — WATCH lyric video now.

When I first saw this song, it confused me. First, didn’t Cher retire 115 years ago? Second, WTF?! Not only is she back, she’s back with a vengeance. The catchy tune will be an instant sensation. I’m not certain it’s a ‘Woman’s World,’ but it’s definitely Cher’s world. Watch her lyric video below.

Cher Admits Struggle With Chaz Bono’s Sex Change

For a gay icon, it’s pretty brave of Cher to admit her personal struggle with her daughter’s sex change. She was brutally honest in a recent interview, saying she was “traumatized” after hearing her daughter’s old voice on an answering machine, because she knew she would “never hear that voice again.” She also said she was terrified to see Chaz after the surgery, and it’s still difficult to use the word “him” when referring to her child. This might be a good time to admit my undying love for Cher. She’s completely unafraid to reveal intimate details about her life in the press, yet she’s still able to maintain the majority of her private-life. It’s a delicate dance, and she executes it perfectly.