Adam Lambert Moves Cher to Tears at Kennedy Center Honors

CBS Photo Archive

Adam Lambert is one of the best voices of our generation, and the former American Idol finalist proved his vocal prowess once again with a stunning rendition of Cher’s “Believe” at The Kennedy Center honors, which left the legend in tears. Cher later took to twitter to express her adoration for Lambert’s performance, saying her “senses [were] overwhelmed.”

You can catch Lambert with Queen for their 2019 Rhapsody tour. Watch below.

Adam Lambert Joins Queen — Good Decision!

When Adam Lambert finished American Idol, rumors circulated that Queen asked him to join their band. But he chose a solo career instead, presumably because he wanted an independent career, which he thought would give him more industry longevity. But years later, he might have changed his mind. According to reports, he’s joining the band on their summer tour. Personally, I think this is something he should have done a long time ago, but better late than never. After all, when one of the world’s greatest bands in history asks you to be their lead singer, you accept. Watch him perform Bohemian Rhaphsody during his American Idol audition. He sure has come a long way.

Adam Lambert is a Giant A-Hole

I don’t understand why artists in the industry feel that it is necessary to insult other artists. In a recent interview, Lambert said that Susan Boyle’s album is “terrible.” He said that he was “crying with laughter” when he heard ‘Wild Horses.’ The irony is that Lambert’s album is horrible (I was a huge fan of his on American Idol by the way). Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. Is that how the saying goes? Maybe it should be – don’t be a giant a-hole. If you have any doubt as to how bad his album is, listen to a song below. I have also posted ‘Wild Horses’ by Susan Boyle so you can judge for yourself.