American Idol Duets — Catie Turner Wins the Night

For a duet to work, both singers must not only compliment one another, but their fusion must outweigh their solo skill set. For most of the performers during American Idol’s duet week, that was not the case. To be fair, I can’t think of one person who would duet with Jennifer Nettles, given the incredibly unique tone of her voice, but Gabby Berrett and the adorable Layla Spring get an A+ for effort. And Nettles’ standout style choices certainly did not help facilitate a shared spotlight. Having said all that, Catie Turner won the night during her duet with Andy Grammer. The endearingly awkward singer somehow managed to put all that angst aside while performing, having made very confident vocal choices that actually upped Grammer’s game. In fact, he might have benefited far more from that performance than she did. Could Catie actually make a career out of this? It’s possible. She’s like a joyful version of Brett Dennen, and I think there’s a space for her in this industry.

Watch below to see some of the more memorable performances, including Allen Stone, whose voice is so good it physically hurts my soul. Dennis Lorenzo gets major kudos for keeping up.

Is Katy Perry Sexually Harassing ‘American Idol’ Contestants?

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan are judges on the revival of ‘American Idol. (ABC)

We live in a new world, folks. And that world doesn’t include hitting on people who are simply trying to break into the industry. That world also doesn’t include double standards, so when Katy Perry uncomfortably flirts with eager American Idol contestants, it’s the same violation as if it was done by a man. What if Harry Connick Jr. used his post to playfully flirt with 19-year-old contestants? He wouldn’t get a pass, and Perry shouldn’t either. In fact, she even stole a first kiss from a non-consenting teenager (Benjamin Glaze) who later said the moment made him uncomfortable. Though he didn’t feel it rose to the level of harassment, that does not make it okay. Nor is it okay to suggest he should feel lucky for the kiss because of Katy’s star stature. Another contestant, named Trevor Holmes, lamented about making ends meet to support his family, only to be interrupted by Perry who exclaimed, “You’re so hot.” Imagine if a woman in a casting audition, who was trying to win a role, had the same demeaning interruption while others, who could come to her defense, sat there in silence. We don’t need to imagine it, because it’s been mentioned many times in the #MeToo movement.

It’s also worth noting that there was a time when American Idol was an unbeatable force in the industry. The show’s reign lasted far longer than expected, and its decline was due more to audience fatigue than content. But it’s important to remember exactly why the show was a success. Though Simon Cowell’s barbs were a consistent point of conversation, they represented more than schadenfreude or voyeuristic bullying. You see — Simon Cowell actually had a record label, and the man knew what made a star. Who could forget when he proudly predicted Carrie Underwood’s massive success extremely early in the game. Without an A&R person on the panel, the show loses it’s ever-present edge over its competitors. This is a show about making a star and to date, it’s the only show that has made a star. To make up for that absence by playing up Perry’s flirtation, is not only a dated ploy, it’s inappropriate.

Kelly Ripa Makes Lazy Co-Host Choice

Kelly Ripa chose Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host, in a move that can only be described as lazy, boring, and entitled. For one solid year the producers of Live With Kelly snowed us into believing they were actually executing a legitimate, above board search for the new seat. Instead, they were negotiating Ryan Seacrest’s contract and no one else stood a chance. That “no one else” specifically refers to Jerry O’Connell who seemed a shoe-in for the coveted gig.

According to Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest is “a seamless, seamless broadcaster. There is nobody better. There is nobody that understands what 30 seconds of conversation actually means in in real time like Ryan does, and so he makes everything easy — it’s like a vacation with him.” That quote perfectly captures why this is a lazy decision. First, had Ripa took a chance on a newbie, she’d have to carry the load during the learning curve, and perhaps she’s grown out of that task. Michael Strahan was a left-of-center pick, and it required Ripa to do work. With Seacrest, she can sit back, relax, and trust his broadcasting prowess. Is that a good thing? It’s clear she can carry the show on her own, so why not give someone else a real shot at the seat?

From a creative perspective, this is also the wrong decision. Live With Kelly demands that its co-hosts discuss their personal lives at the top of the show. As a self-admitted workaholic, Seacrest doesn’t really have a personal life. He’s secretive about who he dates, and doesn’t have a wife and children. This show is supposed to relate to the masses, and who can relate to Ryan Seacrest? Jerry O’Connell, though also a Los Angeles guy, does in fact have a family and kids, and he’s extremely funny when describing their antics. We can call Seacrest many things, but funny is not one of them.

So why would Ryan Seacrest, who has a million jobs, even accept this offer, which requires that he move to New York. Well, why not? Without his American Idol salary, it goes without saying he wanted a new influx of cash, and this is it.

It’s also worth noting that choosing a white, rich male as a host rubs me the wrong way, especially given today’s climate. She could have chosen a woman, or any minority for the role, and she instead went with the guy who’s got everything. And if you’re going to go that route, then pick the teacher who guest-hosted and garnered positive reviews. What a disappointing, terrible decision, and the quote below says it best.

SCORSESE: American Crime Requiem: Full Review

I’ve long been a fan of the For the Record series, having already seen their Tarantino and John Hughes shows, but SCORSESE: American Crime Requiem solidified their status as one of the best shows to see in Los Angeles. The series previously played at a Hollywood bar, offering a unique in-the-round experience that made me feel as if I’d discovered something small, yet magical, fulling knowing that others might soon join the party and ruin what felt like an underground, hidden secret. Sure enough, what the LA Times called a “renegade little troupe” has now made it’s way to a 500-seat experience at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. It’s no longer a secret, but last night’s show made me feel like that’s a good thing.
The Scorsese show is now a co-production between For the Record and the Wallis, and the cast includes Tony Award-winner John Lloyd Young (“Jersey Boys”), Tony nominee Carmen Cusack (“Bright Star”), Pia Toscano (“American Idol”) and two-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter B. Slade. Directed by Anderson Davis, who also co-created For the Record with Shane Scheel and Christopher Lloyd Bratten, the show offers four decades of Martin Scorsese, with mash-ups of unforgettable scenes from each film set against familiar songs from the movies. The movie moments are not necessarily connected for one, solid narrative, but that adds to the excitement, because each nostalgia-inducing scene also offers the audience a fresh take on their favorite movie moments. This show is not to be missed, and I’d encourage everyone to see it before the ticket prices skyrocket.

Tabloid Gossip: Your News in a Nutshell

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Kevin Federline released a rap video. Fish Wrapper

Sienna Miller opened her ex-files. Just Jared

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Hollywood’s Top 5 Most Scandalous Cheaters



When country singer Jason Aldean was busted at a bar with kissing American Idol alum Brittany Kerr, fans were quick to expose his indiscretion, and Aldean and his wife tried to mend their marriage. They later divorced, and Aldean is now married to Kerr.


attends the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 3, 2010 in New York City.
Jude Law and Sienna Miller attend the Costume Institute Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 3, 2010 in New York City.
In one of the first big nanny scandals of note, Jude Law stepped out on his then-girlfriend Sienna Miller, and London’s viscous rag mag market blasted the news everywhere. The couple tried to work it out, but that all ended with Miller’s retaliatory romance with Daniel Craig, who was Law’s friend at the time. Craig also had a long-term girlfriend, and when Law learned of their liason, he predictably gave Craig a piece of his mind.


robert kristen

While in the throws of her much-publicized romance with ‘Twilight’ co-star Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart got caught in a roadside rendezvous with her ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders. The only issue? Sanders was also attached, and when his wife got wind, she filed for divorce. And though Pattinson and Stewart gave it another go, they too called it quits. Don’t feel bad for Rupert’s ex-wife, though. She’s now married to music mogul Jimmy Iovine.


sandra jesse

When America’s sweetheart fell in love with bad boy biker Jesse James, the public pounced on the strange choice, but quickly came around when Bullock seemed blissfully happy. So when word broke after she won her first Oscar that he cheated, the reaction was swift. They since divorced, and James has remarried. Sandra has found love with a very hot photographer.



If Hollywood heavyweight Arnold Schwarzenegger was to ever be unfaithful, many assumed it would be some sort of supermodel. But Arnold didn’t step too far from the nest when he opted for his housekeeper instead. He hid her pregnancy and subsequent love child, but when Maria Shriver noticed the startling physical similarities, Arnold finally admitted it.




Adam Lambert Performs ‘Welcome to the Show’ — Kills it!


Should you ever forget Adam Lambert’s dominance of the American Idol stage, he returned last night to remind you, and his new single is epic enough to fit the standout star. Co-written by Laleh who joined him on stage, the twosome might have finally created the kind of music Lambert should have done at his peak, so perhaps this will provide the necessary jolt for a resurgence. Watch below.

Kelly Clarkson Sings “Piece by Piece” Through Tears on ‘American Idol’


Kelly Clarkson proved her vocal prowess once again on the stage of American Idol where she was crowned the first champ as the surprise summer hit would eventually peak at 38 million viewers. Simon Cowell once told Howard Stern that Clarkson was by far the most self-assured, “ruthless” contestant in history, having fired the entire management team assigned by Idol almost immediately after her win. In fact, Clarkson often distanced herself from the show. But that all changed last night on the Idol stage when she sang “Piece by Piece” through tears. Though Clarkson often keeps her personal life close to the vest, the lyrics are telling, and the singer has said that as a child of divorce she “never had a man stick around and “whenever people said, ‘I’m in love,’ it didn’t really hold very much weight or gravity with [her].” Clarkson said the song is a “love letter celebrating and thanking [her] husband for being a man that knows how to love [her] and [their] children without expecting anything in return.” Clarkson is married to Brandon Blackstock who she met through Reba McEntire. Reba was married to Blackstock’s father for over two decades before calling it quits amidst the 2015 wave of celebrity divorces. Because Clarkson was pregnant with her first child while creating her album, she was unable to write most of the tracks, with the exception of “Piece by Piece” and a few others. Watch her very moving performance below. The song hit #1 shortly after her performance, further illustrating Clarkson’s ability to move a room.

Remember When I Featured Mackenzie Bourg? He’s Back!

BourgIn an effort to gloat, I will take a moment to highlight Top 14 ‘American Idol’ contestant Mackenzie Bourg, with whom I previously shined a spotlight on during his stint on ‘The Voice,’ despite the fact that he prematurely got axed from the rival NBC show.The 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana sang “Pumped Up Kicks” on ‘The Voice,’ and his tenacious efforts to showcase his talents landed him on FOX’s final season of Idol. Watch below. I have a feeling he’ll go far in the competition, and if he wins, you can expect that I will brag for eternity. 

American Idol’s Standout Star — Jenn Blosil

It’s a shame to see ‘American Idol’ in its last year, especially since the ratings still warrant buzz, but I suppose they’d like to stop the bleeding before it gets any worse given that the viewership is decreasing each year. It’s also worth noting that they have not produced a star in some time, so hopefully they’ll go out on top. I’ve seen many of the auditions thus far, and Jenn Blosil is the first to grab my attention. Watch her chilling rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”