Howard Stern Quote of the Day — Chaz Bono

“If television is such an influence on people, then why is most of the country obese when there are so many beautiful models and actresses on screen?” Howard Stern’s retort on Chaz Bono’s Dancing With the Stars critics saying he’s a bad influence on children.”

Cher Admits Struggle With Chaz Bono’s Sex Change

For a gay icon, it’s pretty brave of Cher to admit her personal struggle with her daughter’s sex change. She was brutally honest in a recent interview, saying she was “traumatized” after hearing her daughter’s old voice on an answering machine, because she knew she would “never hear that voice again.” She also said she was terrified to see Chaz after the surgery, and it’s still difficult to use the word “him” when referring to her child. This might be a good time to admit my undying love for Cher. She’s completely unafraid to reveal intimate details about her life in the press, yet she’s still able to maintain the majority of her private-life. It’s a delicate dance, and she executes it perfectly.