Paula Deen & Hollis Johnson — The Racism Continues

I’ve never met a racist who identifies as racist. In fact, Paula Deen’s ease of recounting her use of racist terms in her lawsuit is not shocking, given that bigots egocentrically assume the world is on their side.

The latest update about Paula Deen’s collapsed empire is a video from a New York Times interview, in which Deen openly discusses racism, referring to her family’s devastation about the end of the Civil War. According to Deen, her grandfather was extremely depressed about having “no one to operate his plantation.” And by “no one,” she means slaves. The worst part of the video; however, revolves around a man named Hollis Johnson, who works for Deen. Deen calls him to the stage and seemingly feels she deserves a medal for having a black friend whom she treats as an equal. Watch below.

Paula Deen Apologize for Racist Slurs — WATCH NOW

If you’re going to issue a public apology, you better be contrite. And contrition is nearly impossible to convey. It certainly doesn’t help when there’s no interviewer to navigate when the subject falls short. Such is the case with Paula Deen, whose PR team proved their incompetence by allowing the dolty diva to fly solo in monologue format. In case you missed it, the high-calorie cook got in hot water when her racist comments in a law suit became public. And given that she barely dodged a tanked empire when her diabetes got discovered, this double-dose of damage is disastrous.

Watch her bloated mess of an apology below.

Paula Deen Has Diabetes — You Don’t Say!

Paula Deen Holding foodI wasn’t going to comment on this, but the story won’t seem to go away, so it’s worth mentioning. Paula Deen has based her career on unhealthy foods, and she’s currently being chastised for hiding her diabetes. First, if you didn’t know that Paula Deen’s recipes could cause diabetes from excessive sugar intake, then you’re pretty dumb. Second, all things are good in moderation, and no one forced you to eat her food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Furthermore, she’s no more responsible for diabetes than McDonalds is for heart attacks. Grow a brain, lose some weight, and start eating better.

Sherri Shepherd Discusses Paula Deen’s Diabetes — Hypocrite?

Sherri Shepherd sufficiently confused me on today’s The View, where she discussed the controversy surrounding Paula Deen’s diabetes. Shepherd has openly discussed her own struggle with diabetes, despite also openly maintaining an extremely overweight stature. Though I try not to pick on people’s physical appearance at The Dishmaster, Shepherd’s statements in the video below beg the obvious question — why has no one “shaken” her about her weight issues? Perhaps she needs her own wake up call.