Did You Know: Penelope Cruz has an Equally Hot Sister Named Monica Cruz

I would seriously like to meet Penelope Cruz’s parents, and figure out what kind of genetic experiment they engaged in to produce two of the hottest chicks on the planet.  I looked up Penelope Cruz’s sister, Monica Cruz, after reading that she will double for Penelope in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, because Penelope is pregnant.  I was amazed to discover the insane resemblance — and they’re not even twins!  Apparently, Monica is a trained Flamenco dancer that chucked the dancing career to become an actress, and has yet to take off in the United States.  I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with riding your sister’s coattails, though the fact that she looks so much like Penelope could actually hinder her.  I imagine watching her in a film and thinking, why didn’t they just get Penelope Cruz for that role instead?