Matt Lauer Interviews Kanye West — Proves Matt Lauer’s a Prick

Matt Lauer is a gigantic douchebag. I’m glad I opened with that, because I’m often told to get to the point with my writing. He interviewed Kanye West and, though I’m not a fan of the often ill-tempered Kanye West, I completely agree with his complaints about the interview below. Lauer opened the interview with questions about President Bush, referencing Kanye’s famous statement, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Kanye immediately apologized for his comment, stating that he thought it was wrong, and that he does not think President Bush is racist. But Lauer didn’t stop there. Instead of accepting Kanye’s apology and moving on to the next question, he continued to berate him, showing him another clip of the interview, and then asking Kanye to “look at his face.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Matt Lauer is a judgmental prick in his interviews, and there is absolutely no reason to harass Kanye after he already sincerely apologized for the comment. It was cheap and unnecessary, and I’m surprised Kanye’s people even agreed to this interview, considering Lauer is known for this kind of low-grade behavior. And if you think I’m defending Kanye because I’m a loyal fan, you’d be wrong.  I often think he lets his temper overshadow his talent. Not this time, though. This time his rage is justified.