NBC Dumps Trump: “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Donald_TrumPIf Donald Trump’s run for President is in fact a publicity stunt, it’s a bad one. His controversial comments about Mexican immigrants has caused a concerning ripple effect for many of Trump’s most coveted ventures, including Miss USA. Univision has since dumped Trump from its Miss USA broadcast, which Trump insists will result in a breach of contract lawsuit. And after a lot of pressure, NBC has done the same, axing their airings of Miss USA and Miss Universe. As for Trump’s response, he’s standing firm, attempting to justify his remarks with further, messy clarification (see the video below).

I’m not afraid to admit my previous affection for Trump, given my viewer loyalty to The Apprentice. In recent years; however, he’s become ever-the-more bloated in his ridiculous rants, as if he’s untouchable, which he is not. While there is certainly value in an unfiltered approach to a Presidential run sans all political hoop-jumping, that approach is worthless if it’s cartoonishly irrational. No one wants to talk to the crazy, angry guy at the coffee shop that interrupts your latte with lunacy, and Trump is just about there. I’d encourage him to back peddle quickly, eat a slice of humble pie, and disappear until this stench loses its odor.