The Voice Battle Rounds Continue — ‘Say Something’

It’s no secret that The Voice has some of the best talent out there, so it’s shocking that they have yet to produce a star. It’s possible that the fresh format works against industry longevity, but my more educated guess is that NBC doesn’t have their post-show promotional materials in place, and the stars lose their luster rather quickly. Watch Ddendyl and Deja Hall sing ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World. Shakira made the wrong choice.

Today’s Song Pick — Gypsy by Shakira

Shakira released her Gypsy single some time ago, but it never really took off.  I assume that’s because the rest of the album was pretty terrible, and by the time she released Gypsy, the damage was done.  Why so terrible?  For starters, the album was called She Wolf, and her video involved some very promiscuous cage dancing with crotch shots and pelvic thrusts.  It’s not that I’m against pornography, I just never expected it from Shakira.  I’ve posted Gypsy below for your enjoyment, and I’ve also posted her stripper video for your extra enjoyment.

Shakira – Gypsy by aGalllegos