Shark Tank’s Lori Grenier Calls Contestant a Chauvanist

I onced joked to Mark Cuban that the chairs on Shark Tank should be rearranged according to the most successful investors/sharks, and he replied, “Then the women would be sitting dead center.” The clip below brought me back to that moment, as Lori Grenier suggested (in one of the first moments in the history of the show) that the contestant was a “chauvanist.” Though the men didn’t seem to bite on her observation, I think she’s onto something. Furthermore, the contestant’s reaction is telling, as it’s more condescending than contrite.

It’s not easy to be the lone female on a panel of dudes, especially when making an assertion based on nuance only another woman might understand. In fact, any woman whose been to a car dealership (let alone a board meeting) beside a man would know what she’s saying 3.5 seconds into the clip below. Watch and judge for yourself.

Shark Tank’s Donny McCall — True to America

I just started watching Shark Tank, and I came across the scene below, which moved me to tears. Donny McCall petitioned the Sharks to invest in his company, and he refused their suggestion to manufacture his product overseas, because of his desire to create American jobs. The Sharks argued that he can’t create American jobs if his company is profit-less, which they felt was inevitable because of his adamant refusal. The debate below represents a much broader, heated political argument. I have a tremendous amount of respect for McCall.