Vintage Movie Pick: Sea of Love

People are always asking me for Netflix recommendations, and I’m consistently shocked to discover how many great films go unwatched. So this week I’m recommending Sea of Love, a classic thriller with Al Pacino and the very sexy Ellen Barkin. Here’s the story in a nutshell: three men are killed in the same unique way, and Al Pacino and John Goodman (two cops assigned to the case) discover that all the men took out a personal ad. Pacino decides that they were probably killed by the same woman, so he takes out his own personal ad and goes on a series of very quick dates for the purpose of getting each woman’s finger prints. One woman doesn’t touch her glass, and Pacino finds himself attracted to her. They begin to date, despite the possibility that she’s the killer. So is she the killer? You’ll have to rent the movie to find out. I’d also like to say that there’s some very hot sex scenes in the film, which is great because you rarely get a great story coupled with great on-screen sex. It’s usually one or the other (remember Showgirls?).