The #SONY Hack: ‘The Interview’ Gets Axed


In response to theaters everywhere squashing screenings of ‘The Interview,’ Sony decided to abort its release altogether. The contentious choice invited debate from A-listers, talking heads, and hate-charged tweeters who declared that North Korea won its assault on our first amendment and this sets a piss-poor precedent for future cyber attacks. While it might be true that this is a concerning mess, it’s also true that it’s incredibly irresponsible to charge forward in the face of a tangible threat, especially when innocent lives are at stake. If we clear a plane because someone wrongfully says there’s a bomb on board, does that set a precedent for all wack-nuts who want to watch the same circus for sport? What if there’s a hallow bomb threat at a temple? Should we keep people inside to prove that we won’t back down? A crazed man took the lives of innocent people during a screening of Batman, so this type of take-down sparks serious concern. A threat was made, and theaters responded accordingly. To keep the movie amidst a threat on innocent lives is not just irresponsible, it’s negligent. Assassinating a leader on film was dumb enough, and while this response is heinous and undeserved, it’s important to keep our civilians safe, first amendment or not.