Holly Robinson Peete Insults Cindi Lauper: "Leave it to the Professionals"

If you watched ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ you would have seen the incredibly disrespectful Holly Robinson Peete and Summer Sanders, tell Cindi Lauper not to sing a jingle, as she should “leave it to the professionals.”  Are you fucking kidding me?!  Cindi Lauper wrote and sang some of the best songs in the history of music, and you’re seriously going to talk down to her?  Why don’t you recite your music resume to me ladies.  Someone should have told Holly Robinson Peete that people actually watch the ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ which might not bode well for her in the future.  Below you will see I have attached some Cindi Lauper songs, in the vain hope that Holly Robinson Peete reads my blog and can learn a thing or two.  Sure they chose her to sing the jingle in the end, but the damage is done.