Tammy Bruce Insults #LGBT “Mob” Over Indiana Law

According to the clip below, Tucker Carlson is bothered by “The idea that if you support the right of religious minorities to descend from the popular view on something, then you’re a bigot.” Actually Tucker, that’s exactly what it means. When the Indiana government passed the Religious Freedom Act designed to allow residents and business owners to use their religious beliefs as reason to deny services to some people, the target was immediately clear. Businesses that base their anti-gay bigotry on their religious beliefs are now backed by the government. The public predictably rose up, and the response is mixed, with many crying foul over our irate reaction to a simple “difference of belief.” While tolerance for different opinions is welcome in most cases, it is not when racism or bigotry is involved. In fact, its the role of government to protect AGAINST that. And although it certainly helps Tucker Carlson that Tammy Bruce, an openly gay conservative radio host is on #TEAMHATE, that doesn’t prove his point. It’s simply called confirmation bias.

If the government won’t protect its people against racism and bigotry, then the people must protect their peers. And if that protection involves non-violent bully tactics and angry verbal tirades or simple boycotting, SO BE IT. This country’s history is muddied with evil, and if we are not careful, we can easily return to that dark place. Watch below to hear Bruce explain her point.