Movie Review: Take Me Home Tonight

I’m not the right person to review this film.  First, I have a huge crush on Topher Grace, which makes me biased.  In fact, I recently saw him at a Hollywood party, and I’m convinced he gave me the eye.  It’s more likely than not that the “eye” I’m referring to was actually Topher Grace looking in fear at the crazy chick gawking at him — but a girl can dream. This film is basically a story-less comedy about a boy with a crush.  It’s set in the eighties, which I found slightly confusing, especially since it never fast-forwarded to real-time.  Topher Grace plays Matt Franklin, who recently graduated from MIT and is working in a video store until he finds out what he wants to do with his life.  He meets his high school crush, and he lies to her about his job because he’s embarrassed.  She invites him to a party, and he spends the entire night trying to impress her, which involves the pressure of keeping his lie.  I’d like to note that the only extremely funny scene was executed by Demitri Martin, who hilariously called-out Matt Franklin as a liar.  To be fair, Demitri is a stand-up comedian, so it only makes sense that he’d steal the show.  Throughout this film, I found myself wondering why Say Anything worked, and this didn’t.  Both films star a charming, somewhat dorky boy with a crush.  If Say Anything was released today, would it still be as popular?  I’m not sure.  Perhaps Topher needed to hold a stereo above his head or something?  I’m giving this movie a stronger than deserved overall rating because of my crush on Topher Grace. OVERALL RATING: SADISHFIED