Travis Barker’s Naked Pictures Surface — The Man is Blessed

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m guilty of sexting pictures to significant others (or not so significant others — depending on how you look at it). But if those pictures ever made their way to the internet, I might say something like, “wow, who’s that super hot chick with the insanely flat stomach? Too bad it’s not me.” Unfortunately for Travis Barker, he’s covered in tattoos that don’t afford him the same ability to deny. I bet he didn’t think of that issue while getting inked. But before you feel sorry for the guy, I’d like to note that I’ve seen these pictures — and let’s just say he can’t claim damages for destroying his “reputation.”

Cause of Plane Crash that Injured Travis Barker & DJ AM and Killed 4 Others Revealed

It’s been revealed that the cause of the 2008 plane crash was due to the under-inflated tires.  The tires had not been checked for three weeks and were 36% under-inflated.  Additionally, because the Captain made the tragic decision to abort the takeoff after the tire popped, the plane overshot the runway and crashed into an embankment.   Horrific.  

[Right to left: Travis Barker and the late DJ AM]