Crash Kings at the Troubador — Killed it!!

When you’re friends with the band performing, it can be either a complete disaster or a complete success. In the case of Crash Kings at the Troubador, it was not only a success — it was magical. The sold-out venue was filled with die-hard fans, who bobbed their heads and sang along to every word. In fact, I spotted an A-list celebrity beside me (whose name I won’t mention due to my Dishmaster integrity), and I overheard him say, “This band is fu*king incredible!” And he’s right. They blew me away. Tony Beliveau (lead vocals, keys) has the kind of on-stage energy that gets talked about years later in those hip music circles when one person says to another, “Dude! Have you seen Crash Kings live? They are insane!” He was joined by his brother, Mike Beliveau (bass), who doesn’t just dominate the stage, he’s also easy on the eyes. Their third member, Jason Morris (drums), also has an incredible stage presence (I have to admit my bias toward drummers — they’re just so damn cool — and Jason is no exception). They played music from their new record, which judging from what I heard live last night — will be a chart-topping success. It’s difficult to articulate what makes music good. But I know it when I hear it. And I heard it last night.