Vintage Trouble Plays the Firepit Sessions

Vintage trouble

When my buddy Adam Labov alerted me to his most recent Firepit Sessions in Silverlake, I demanded he keep the performers quiet. Adam always keeps it quiet, but I could have used our friendship to find out the lineup, and I deliberately did not. Labov has elite taste, and I trust him. Also, there’s nothing like a private concert around a firepit in someone’s backyard, and a surprise just adds to the intimacy of the event. But when I arrived and entered Adam’s abode to use the restroom, a very kind gentleman introduced himself to me, and I immediately knew his identity. It was Ty Taylor, the lead singer of Vintage Trouble, and he had just finished performing with the Dixie Chicks on tour. Taylor’s kind demeanor was only confirmed by his on-stage performance, with the electric singer explaining that at the end of the day, music is really about performing for your friends in someone’s backyard. Music is about connections, and how better to connect than at these Firepit Sessions? Vintage Trouble lived up to every expectation, proving that their live performance is just as strong, if not stronger than their album. Their energy is ummatched, as is the quality of sound in Labov’s backyard. He’s a humble maestro. Watch Vintage Trouble perform at the Firepit Sessions below, and visit the Session website here for more info.