Tyga on The Breakfast Club — Talks Kylie Jenner

Tyga made an appearance on The Breakfast Club to promote his music, and the interview quickly became a Kardashian interrogation. Though I predict this won’t get too much pick-up given his ambiguity, it’s actually far more revealing than it might seem. Below are some of the more startling revelations. Watch the video to see it in full.

  • Tyga isn’t bankrupt. When asked about his finances, Tyga insists that the Kardashians are puppeteers of the press, and planted those negative stories about his life. To prove his point, he asked if we’ve read one negative story since their breakup. To be fair, it’s possible we haven’t read ANY stories, negative or positive, since people care way less about Tyga now that he’s not with Kylie Jenner.
  • He claims responsibility for Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna’s style. According to Tyga, both Kylie and Chyna got “glowed up” because of him. Their looks changed, their bodies changed, and their image therefore changed.
  • Tyga warned Rob Kardashian about Blac Chyna. Though he’s not specific, it’s clear he thinks Chyna is high maintenance, and Rob is not the man for the task. When pressed for more details, Tyga simply said “you see it.” Enough said.
  • Tyga won’t admit that he’s a sexual predator who left his then Baby Mamma for a fifteen year old girl. As for when he and Kylie first began dating, he says they were “friends” until she turned 18.
  • He did not approve of Kylie and Kendall’s controversial t-shirts.
  • He did buy Kylie a car, but she also bought him a car, which means they basically bought themselves a car.

Kim Kardashian: “Tyga Broke Blac Chyna’s Heart”


Kim Kardashian finally fessed up to her inside take on Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s controversial relationship, which allegedly began while Kylie was underage and Tyga was already in a relationship with Blac Chyna. According to Kim, she was friends with Chyna but forced to take Kylie’s side because it’s her sister, thus breaking their bond. But what goes around comes around, and when Rob Kardashian began dating Chyna, Kylie and Tyga quickly broke up. As for Kim’s friendship with Chyna? Well . . . if family comes first, then they’re either going to make up, or have an extremely awkward Thanksgiving. Kudos to Chyna for getting the world’s best revenge on an ex — intentional or not.