Dear Howard Stern — Fire Your Programmer

It’s bad enough that Howard Stern spends his entire life on vacation.  It’s even worse that while he is on vacation, he chooses to play “Howard Stern’s Worst Shows Ever,” for the entire week.  Yesterday he played the “Peacock Years,” which is basically his shitty radio show during his NBC years.  Even Stern himself has admitted that his early shows were terrible, so you would think he would play more recent shows while he’s on vacation.  The man is the King of all celebrity interviews, yet he never airs “the greatest Howard Stern interviews of all-time.”  Instead, I’m forced to listen to these torturous shows.  His voice isn’t even the same.  He used to alter it, and it sounds unbearably nasally.  To make matters worse, when I switch to his other channel, I’m forced to listen to the other shitty radio hosts that were hand-picked by Stern.  Translation? — I’m screwed.  Either give your other channel to a decent radio host (like Adam Carolla) or give me another option for your show.