Billy Joel Drops Out of Tour with Elton John

Billy Joel has dropped out of his tour with Elton John. The tour was supposed to run until March 11, but Joel has left early, claiming that he wants to take the year off. Because of its success, it was speculated that Joel and John would extend it beyond March 11, but now that won’t happen. Thus far, it has already grossed around 88 million dollars. John said that although he is disappointed, he understands Joel’s decision. Prior to this tour, the last time Joel and John toured together was 2003. Hopefully they will tour again in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Billy Joel Drops Out of Tour with Elton John”

  1. Who cares about Billy joel, Elton is now going on tour with Leon Russell of whom Elton says is one of the “greatest American songwriters and piano players in the world”!!! I agree Leon is the man and his discography is AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to see this show!!!!

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