Roger Ebert is my Hero

Those who know me well know that I am a giant Roger Ebert fan. My father and I used to watch Siskel and Ebert hash it out, and my dad would always say that Siskel was his personal favorite. I always preferred Ebert. As a pair, I think they were at their best. Since 2002, Ebert has undergone many surgeries due to thyroid cancer. He no longer has the ability to speak, but lucky for us, he is still writing. Last year alone, he saw 281 movies. Esquire recently did a profile on him, and they blew up the picture rather large. As I expected and greatly admire, Ebert doesn’t care. Ebert said that though the picture “gave him a jolt,” it’s just as well that it’s out there. The most touching part of the article was when he discussed Gene Siskel. He said, “we were born to be Siskel and Ebert. I just miss the guy so much.”

Watch some vintage Siskel and Ebert below.

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