‘At the Movies’ is Cancelled

This is a sad day.  ‘At the Movies’ with A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips, has been canceled.  The source of my sadness is really attributed to the memory of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert in their heyday on this show.  It began with the title, ‘Siskel and Ebert at the Movies,’ and later became ‘At the Movies with Ebert and Roeper,’ after Siskel’s death.  When Ebert had to exit the show due to health reasons, it went through various incarnations until it became what it is now.  Many people are attributing the cancellation to the changing movie critic tide.  Personally, I would like to think that the magic of Siskel and Ebert just couldn’t be recreated.  Also, Ebert took his thumbs with him when he left.  And there’s no one like Ebert.   

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