Breaking News: How Sandra Bullock Found out About the Affair

Gosh, this is so horrible.  Here is the breakdown: whenever Hollywood tabloids are going to run a damaging story, the publicist is called a couple of days before the magazine goes to print.  This way, the star is warned and the publicist can do damage control.  In Touch Magazine called Bullock’s publicist on Monday to notify her of the story.  The publicist then called Bullock to break the news.  Bullock reportedly moved out of the house that day.  My guess is that Jesse James immediately came clean.  There has been a lot of speculation that Jesse James couldn’t handle Bullock’s recent career upswing.  If the mistress’ story is true, then the affair went on while Bullock was filming ‘The Blind Side.’  The filming was obviously prior to awards season, so Bullock was just as famous as she always was.  Hence, the theory doesn’t make sense.  I also speculated that Bullock knew about the affair prior to awards season but they held off announcing the split until things settled down.  Popeater has exclusively debunked that theory.  She allegedly knew nothing until Monday. 

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