Director Michael Bay Joins James Cameron in the Fight Against 3D Conversions

It’s no secret that ‘Avatar’ has created a frenzy over 3D.  Studios see a chance to make more money, because tickets prices are higher for 3D films.  Michael Bay has joined James Cameron in criticizing the last minute process of converting films into 3D after they were already shot in 2D.  According to Bay, it sacrifices the integrity of the movie, and he’s apprehensive about potentially ruining the next ‘Transformers’ film by doing so.  First of all, I am not sure anything can make the next ‘Transformers’ film any worse than I predict it will be, after the spectacle that was ‘Transformers 2.’  Second, I hate 3D in general.  It hurts my eyes and gives me a throbbing headache.  How about we nix all this debate and just trash the entire 3D experience altogether?  It’s not that important to me to see things popping out of the screen.  One more thing – Cameron is still a hypocrite, considering he is converting ‘Titanic’ into 3D.  I am posting a picture of Megan Fox from ‘Transformers,’ instead of Michael Bay, because she is easier on the eyes.

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