It’s Official: The Court Rules Against Anna Nicole Smith

In case you forgot, this case has been going on for years now.  The Federal Appeals Court ruled against the estate of Anna Nicole Smith today.  The court came down in favor of the estate of Pierce Marshall.  Pierce Marshall was the son of J. Howard Marshall (the Texas billionaire that Anna Nicole married).  When Pierce was alive, he was adamantly fighting to keep the 300 million dollars in question from going to Anna Nicole.  Now, neither party is alive to see the result.  This does effect Anna Nicole’s daughter though, who would have been the only heir set to inherit the money.  The only upside of this is that Anna Nicole’s scumbag lawyer Howard K. Stern will not be getting any of this money either.  He was working on a contingency basis for her, and he was set to get a substantial percentage of the money had she won. 

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