‘Real World’ Cast Member Hospitalized After Another Cast Member Pisses and Shits on His Toothbrush

If you thought that ‘The Real World’ might cast actual human beings for its upcoming New Orleans season, think again. Season 24 of ‘The Real World’ has started filming, and a cast member has already been hospitalized. One cast member (Preston Roberson-Charles) took another cast member’s (Ryan Leslie) toothbrush and scrubbed the inside of the toilet with it. He then pissed on it. The source of the animosity allegedly revolves around a fight in which Roberson called Leslie a “faggot,” and told him that “he sucks dick.” Leslie was hospitalized after getting a viral infection, and the police were called. No one was arrested. Dear Mtv – get your F!@#!!@%G act together and start hiring new casting directors.   Click on the links below to see pictures of these people.

Preston Roberson-Charles

Ryan Leslie

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