Jersey Shore’s Ronnie and Sammi Break up . . . for good this time?

It looks like season’s ‘Jersey Shore’ is going to have plenty of drama for the fans.  The entire cast will be reuniting in Miami, including the recently broken up Ronnie and Sammi.  Ronnie has been very mature about the breakup though, making sure to post all of his recent exploits on twitter.  Here are some of his recent posts.  Before you begin to read the tweets, be aware that “GTS” means Gym Tan Smush.   Apparently, smush = sex.  Got it?

“Come on Snook u can never GTS to much ( u kno that lol)…..wooooo…2 weeks, You ready? bc im not”
“Early morning GTS.. Busy day gonna be crazy….”
“GTS for next few days.. then Ohio on Fri to shut that bitch down… Lets get it Athens”

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