Ke$ha is a Giant A-Hole

Remember my post about how I don’t understand why artists in this industry feel the need to bash other artists?  Well, here we go again.  Ke$ha stated in a recent interview that she is against Britney Spears lip syncing at her shows, and she “would never do that to her fans.”  Ironically, Ke$ha sang background vocals on Britney’s 2008 track ‘Lace and Leather.’  I guess she was good enough for you then, huh?  First, until you earn your stripes in this industry, keep you mouth shut.  Second, until you have even one performance that matches the plethora of untouchable Britney Spears performances, keep your mouth shut.  Third, until you take the ridiculous money sign out of your name, keep your mouth shut.  Fourth, take your horrible song and shove it.  It is fair to say I am angry.  To quote Taylor Swift, I have an “unwavering devotion” to Britney Spears.  As a tribute to Britney, I have posted some of her incredible performances.

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