Lady Gaga’s Former Mentor Sues her for $35 Million – Gaga’s People Respond

Lady Gaga and music producer Rob Fusari signed a deal back in 2006 before anyone really knew who Gaga was. Fusari claims that he was instrumental in getting her signed to a record deal after discovering her at an open mike night in New York. He also co-produced her debut album, ‘The Fame.’ Things went bad between them when Gaga dumped Fusari, after he disapproved of where she was taking her image.  Gaga’s camp has responded to the suit by claiming that her contract with Fusari was illegal, as Fusari was acting as an unlicensed talent agent, and he “took advantage of an inexperienced recording artist.”  My take?  I think Gaga’s in hot water.  Her response to the lawsuit sounds desperate, and something tells me this contract was perfectly fine.  She signed a contract giving Fusari a part of her earnings when she was a nothing, he got her famous, and she dropped him and doesn’t want to pay up.  Furthermore, it’s ridiculous to say he was acting as an unlicensed talent agent.  He can just claim he was acting as a manager (managers in Hollywood don’t need a license).  This will definitely settle out of court.  

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