Affairs in Review: Other Celebrities that Caught their Man Cheating Via Tabloids

In the real world, when you find out that someone you know is being cheated on, you wonder whether it’s appropriate to tell the person.  Do they really even want to know?  Is it my business to spill the beans?  In Hollywood, the tabloids do the dirty work for you.  Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock is not alone.  Other celebrities that found out about affairs through the tabloids include: Sienna Miller; Halle Berry; and Uma Thurman.  Uma Thurman admitted on Howard Stern that she found out about Ethan Hawke’s affair through the National Enquirer.  Hawke allegedly cheated on her with an actress on one of his films and interestingly later married the nanny that he and Uma shared while they were married.  Halle Berry confessed to Oprah that Eric Benet admitted to cheating on her after she threatened to sue a tabloid about the story.  Jude Law confessed to cheating on Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny after Britain’s The Sunday Mirror broke the story.  Would they have found out otherwise?  Who knows.

[A picture on set of the 1950 film ‘September Affair’]

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