Red Carpet Fashion: The ‘Hollywood Reporter’ Oscar Nominee Reception

The Oscar countdown has begun and so have the red carpet looks.  The ‘Hollywood Reporter,’ one of Hollywood’s leading trade publications, hosts a reception honoring Oscar nominees.  This year’s reception was co-hosted by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  Confused about why the Mayor of Los Angeles would take the time out of his busy deficit plagued schedule to host such an event?  So were a lot of people.  Regardless, the reception provides a very good excuse for a bunch of celebrities to show up looking pretty.  See some of them below. 

[Eva Longoria]

[Marlee Matlin]

[Michelle Rodriguez]

[Nia Vardalos]

[Terri Seymour]

[Jeremy Renner – and yes he goes on the “pretty” list]

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