Simon and Garfunkel Plan Another Tour

This makes me very happy.  Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are planning another U.S. tour.  This is a good move for them, considering that their 2003 tour grossed more than 50 million dollars.  Here is some Simon and Garfunkel history: The two released their last album together, ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ in 1970, and Paul Simon wrote the song ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright,’ as a personal goodbye to Art Garfunkel.  Simon was admittedly very hurt by Garfunkel’s departure.  What’s interesting to me about these two reuniting on tour again, is that I heard through the Hollywood grapevine that they did not get along at all on their 2003 tour, which is a shame since their friendship dates back to grade school.  Maybe they worked it out.  Listen to ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright’ below.

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