The Farrelly Brothers are Very Nice Guys

A while back, the Farrelly Brothers were at a charity event in Martha’s Vineyard, and to encourage people to donate, they said that all of the $100 donors would have their names put in a hat, and the person picked from the hat would be in their next movie.  A girl’s name was picked from the hat, but by the time the movie started filming she sadly got cancer, and was unable to do it because she was too sick.  The Farrelly Brothers said she could be in their next movie instead, but if she wasn’t well by then, they would let her be in whatever movie they were doing when she got better.  Well, she did get better, and she recently flew to Atlanta, GA for the filming of ‘Hall Pass,’ starring Christina Applegate, Owen Wilson, Alyssa Milano, and Jenna Fischer.  I hear that the Farrelly Brothers liked this girl so much that they asked to go to dinner with her.  When she told them that she already made plans with her cousin, they asked if they could join.  I hear it was a great time.  After hearing this story, I will have a special place in my heart for the Farrelly Brothers forever!

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