Brian Dunkleman Responds to Ryan Seacrest’s Bad Joke About him

If you watched ‘American Idol’ last night, you would have noticed Ryan Seacrest’s joke about Brian Dunkleman hosting a portion of ‘Idol Gives Back.’  The audience got excited, and when Seacrest said he was kidding, a collective gasp ensued.  Vulture tracked down Dunkleman, and asked him if he was offended.  Dunkleman’s response?  “Thanks for the free publicity Ryan.”  You might remember Dunkleman as a co-host during Season 1 of ‘Idol,’ who claims to have made the “biggest mistake of his life” by leaving the show.  I actually think Dunkleman was fired and likes to say he stupidly left the show to save face.  ‘Idol’ was already a huge success during Season 1, so I highly doubt Dunkleman left on his own accord.  I’m glad Seacrest briefly resurrected him though. 

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