‘Dancing with the Stars’ Beats ‘American Idol’

For the first time ever, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ beat ‘American Idol’ in the ratings race.  Monday’s ‘DWTS’ had a total of 23 million viewers, while ‘Idol’ had 21.8 million viewers on Tuesday.  In defense of ‘Idol,’ it still has more viewers in the coveted 18-49 category, which is all advertisers really care about.  Why?  Because back in the day when certain networks were losing in the ratings race, they created this arbitrary 18-49 category, arguing that it is better to win the ratings race with younger viewers rather than total viewers overall.  Apparently, younger viewers are more likely to buy new products, as they are less set in their ways.  It’s all hogwash if you ask me.  ‘Idol’ is going downhill no matter how you play it.  Ever since producer Nigel Lythgoe left the show to start ‘So you Think you Can Dance,’ it simply hasn’t been the same.

[Remember the good old days when Paula was there?]

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