Erykah Badu Likes to Frighten Little Children by Stripping Down Naked

I am a little late in reporting this story, but after hearing about it, I could not resist.  Erykah Badu stripped down naked at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, while shooting her new music video for her song ‘window seat.’  She then pretended to get shot in the head at the exact site where JFK was shot (no I did not make this up).  The problem is that she did this in a public place, with little children around.  She has since been charged with disorderly conduct and ordered to pay a fine.  Surprisingly, most of the public outrage surrounds her disrespecting JFK, and not her running around naked in public.  Had she rubbed two brain cells together, she could have shot the video with her clothes on, and later altered it to make her appear naked.  I’m sure that would destroy the “art” behind the video though.  Watch it below at your own risk.  

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