Kevin Federline Apologizes to Shar Jackson for Cheating on her with Britney Spears

On this season of ‘Celebrity Fit Club,’ Kevin Federline apologized to his ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, during a pretty cringe-worthy scene.  Though Britney Spears is never directly mentioned by name, it is clear what he is apologizing for.  He claims to have “got caught up in [his] own selfishness.  You might remember that Spears and Federline got together while Shar was pregnant with her second child with Federline.  She did an interview at the time with US Weekly, saying that they were very much together when he took up with Spears.  Spears claimed during an infamous, tearful interview with Matt Lauer, that she did not know about Jackson when she began dating Federline.  Got that?  Watch below. 

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