Celebrity Gossip Review – Dish Catch up Time

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced the breakup of their 5 year relationship via twitter, less than two months after using twitter to declare their love for one another.  

Sandra Bullock has broken her silence to squash rumors of a sex tape between her and Jesse James.  What I find particularly interesting, is that this is the only rumor that she has come forward to squash.  I suppose it’s because it’s the only one that she is directly involved with.  I guess she won’t confirm or deny whether Jesse James is a nazi. 

Kate Gosselin responded to Jon’s custody petition by reminding everyone that she is appearing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to provide for her children.  You go girl!  It’s not like she can rely on Jon for financial support, considering he destroyed his public image, and I imagine laying brick won’t support 8 children.  

George Clooney debunked rumors that he and his non smiling girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, have split up, calling the story “made up.”

Matt Damon thinks marriage is a ridiculous idea, and doesn’t think it’s possible to spend your entire life with someone without being “totally driven crazy.”  He then said his wife is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Hmmm…..

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