Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy Copy Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

donnie_wahlberg_jenny_mccarthyAll celebrities swear their relationship is strong enough to survive reality television, despite overwhelming evidence against it. In a shocking move, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have boarded the same crazy train that saw the demise of far too many marriages. While I’m less surprised by McCarthy’s move, Wahlberg’s compliance is confusing. He’s an actor with credible credits, and his pop-star, NKOTB status likely secured enough finances for his entire family. And if they plan to restrict the show’s access to secure their privacy, the content will inevitably fail. This is a lose-lose proposition, and it’s not only creatively questionable, it’s also dumb.



Julie Chen v. Jenny McCarthy — Is ‘The View’ Doomed?

Jenny McCarthy Barbara WaltersJulie Chen visited the King of all Media to promote ‘The Talk’ and she admirably answered the shock jock’s probing questions with honesty (except for the nose job one). One such question was whether ‘The View’ made a mistake with its new, non-politics direction. Howard Stern then asked about Jenny McCarthy, and Chen insisted that McCarthy is more suited for a pop culture format, and since ‘The View’ has always been known for hard-hitting topics, she simply doesn’t fit in.

The interesting irony of Julie Chen’s comment is that Jenny McCarthy is no more suited to discuss politics than Survivor contestant Elisabeth Hasselbeck. In fact, it might actually be  more interesting to hear the former playmate’s take on harder topics.  It’s unfortunate; however, that Jenny McCarthy got caught in the cross-hairs of a more interesting debate. Is it true that ‘The View’ made a mistake with it’s new format? Though it pains me to say this, the answer is yes.

ABC fell victim to a common error with its revamp. They listened to the public. While it’s true that public opinion matters, a major network should be led by their opinion, not bound to it. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was too contentious and off-putting, and she made ‘The View’ uncomfortable to watch while unwinding. That being said, just because one person is poisonous, that doesn’t mean the format should be entirely trashed. There are a million resources for pop-culture, and I have zero interest in watching a group of women debate what I can find in any other forum imaginable. But try finding a show that discusses political issues with entertaining, non-experts and a spoonful of sugar (there aren’t many).’The View’ was a resource to learn about intricate political topics with ease, and they have now become a bunch of girls gabbing about gunk. I get it. They want to be one with the times. Hopefully they will learn what those times actually are before it’s too late.



Your News Now — Weekly Rundown


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Jenny McCarthy Covers Playboy — Looks Stunning!

Since Jenny McCarthy is so aware of her strengths, perhaps she can petition MTV to bring back “Singled Out.” Aside from ‘Temptation Island,’ that was the best dating show on television. This is her sixth cover of Playboy, and she looks incredible. In fact, this might be my favorite cover, since she actually looks as if she’s a healthy weight. I hear she brings back the eighties in her photo-shoot. Let’s hope it sets a trend, because it would certainly reduce my monthly grooming bill by a significant amount.

Jim Carrey v. Jenny McCarthy — Has He Abandoned Her Son?

If you’re going to appear on the Howard Stern show, you better be honest, and if you’re honest, you better be ready for the consequences. So when Jenny McCarthy told Stern that her A-list ex, Jim Carrey, ended his relationship with her son Evan who “asks for him weekly,” I knew there would be a significant backlash. Carrey immediately went on image-clean-up mode, saying, “I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan’s well being. It’s unfortunate that Evan’s privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always.” Ouch! He had to take that dig, didn’t he? Here’s my question? How do you spend five years of your life with someone and battle out your personal grievances in the press? Did these two change their phone numbers?

Jenny McCarthy Continues to Diss Jim Carrey

Jenny McCarthy loved to talk about Jim Carrey while they were together, and she still loves talking about him while they are apart. You would think that when they broke up Jim was done having his relationship splashed across tabloids. McCarthy’s latest confession is that her current fling with James Toohey is the first time she has been “open and truthful” in a relationship. This reminds of Sarah Silverman’s confession that her current boyfriend is the “first guy to tell her she’s pretty,” followed by a subsequent denial that she was taking a dig as Jimmy Kimmel in the press. Is this seriously necessary? You don’t see Jim Carrey doing an Oprah interview discussing how his relationship with Jenny was “no longer fun anymore.”  Do you notice that it’s always the less famous person who spills the relationship secrets?

Jenny McCarthy on Oprah — Says a Whole Lot of Nothing

Oprah has once again scored the less famous half of a Hollywood couple (or ex-couple).  Jenny McCarthy appeared on Oprah to promote her new book, Love Lust & Faking It, and Oprah predictably asked about her break-up with Jim Carrey.  I’d love to summarize what McCarthy said, but it’s impossible.  I’ve posted the video below, and you can figure it out for yourself.  She did seem to imply that she dumped Carrey though, which may or may not have been beneficial for Carrey’s career.  McCarthy often discussed their relationship in interviews, which peeved me.  A-listers should remain private, and piercing the Hollywood veil damages the necessary mystique.  Let’s hope that Jim gets back to his comedic roles.  I miss him.

Jenny McCarthy Confirms that Steven Seagal is a Creepy Guy

Steven Seagal’s show, ‘Lawman,’ was shut down amidst allegations that he trafficked women for sex, and sexually assaulted an ex-employee.  Well, Movieline certainly isn’t helping us believe his innocence.  They unearthed an old interview with Jenny McCarthy, in which she detailed a disturbing encounter that she had with Seagal while auditioning for a part in ‘Under Siege 2.’  According to McCarthy, he asked her to sit on the couch and take off her dress.  When she informed him that the role did not call for nudity, he once again told her to take off her dress.  She called him an asshole, ran out of the room, and he followed her to her car to tell her not to tell anyone what happened.  That story is extremely unsettling, but hats off to McCarthy for having the guts to expose him for it early on in her career.

Jim Carrey’s "People" Tell him to Lay off the Angry Tweets

Jim Carrey has been getting a lot of criticism lately since defending Tiger Woods on Twitter.  To be fair, he didn’t exactly defend Tiger, as much as he kicked Elin in the gut.  Too harsh?  Of Elin, he said “no wife if blind enough to miss that much infidelity.”  He later tried to save face, by tweeting that he doesn’t condone infidelity, though both parties share some degree of responsibility.  In addition to the outrage about the content of his posts, some of Carrey’s followers are concerned with how late he stays up at night, fearing he may be having a breakdown since his breakup with Jenny McCarthy.   All I have to say about this nonsense is that Twitter is the beginning of the end of Hollywood.  Celebrities are supposed to be these untouchable entities that leave us always wondering what they’re really thinking.  We aren’t supposed to find out that what they are actually thinking is a bunch of nonsensical bull shit. 

Jenny McCarthy Closes Autism School

Jenny McCarthy is shutting down Teach2Talk Academy. She co-founded the school with Sarah Scheflen in 2007, but is shutting it down after disagreements between them. She released a statement saying, “Jenny and her partner at the Academy, Sarah Scheflen, had different visions for the school and made a decision to go their separate ways. Both intend to continue on in this important mission.”  Does this mean that we are on the road to keeping Jenny McCarthy out of the autism talk show circuit.  Can’t she just go back to looking hot and stop all this ‘I know how to cure autism’ nonsense?