‘The Masked Singer’ Debuts – And it’s Awesome

Gimmicks can go terribly wrong, but in the case of The Masked Singer and its mysterious head games (pun intended), FOX got it right. The fun format features celebrity performers in an elaborate costume, and it’s up to the judges (Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke and Ken Jeung) to guess their identity. Billed as “TV’s wildest singing show,” it’s a fun twist on a tired, competitive format that has over-saturated the market. And the best part? The guesses are all over Twitter, including a hilarious tweet from T-Pain who many think is last night’s “monster.” See below, along with videos from the show.

One thought on “‘The Masked Singer’ Debuts – And it’s Awesome”

  1. Just out of ideas. Show first run movies instead. Stuff like this shows how disparate the commercial tv stations really are.

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